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Total health for Wellness 6 Super Tips

Total health for wellness is a top priority.

There is a brain, a heart, and a soul in every one of us. It should come as no surprise, then, that in order to reach comprehensive physical health and wellness, we must care for all three aspects of our being: mind, body, and spirit.

Don’t put too much emphasis on one aspect at the expense of others, because they all work together to bring the human person into balance.

In this article, I’ll provide you with six easy, practical, and effective ways to improve and preserve your overall health and wellbeing that you can use right away. These suggestions concentrate on your total health like spiritual health, physical health, emotional health, and mental health, which is often disregarded.

1. Consume nutrient-dense and healthy foods.

Total health for Wellness 6 Super Tips

There’s a common misconception that nutritional and healthful foods aren’t tasty. It is a myth, as I previously stated, and the best approach to ensure that your food consumption is healthy, nutritious and that you are getting all of the vitamins and nutrients that your body need is to:

  1. Including fruits, grains, vegetables, and beans in one’s daily diet.
  2. Taking a high-quality multivitamin supplement to make up for any nutritional inadequacies.
  3. Following a “rainbow diet,” which includes as many, if not all, of the rainbow’s colors: green, red, indigo, orange, yellow,  blue,  and purple.
  4. Each color of food contains a unique set of vitamins and micronutrients.
  5. Green foods like spinach, for example, are high in Vitamin A, Folic Acid, Vitamin C, Magnesium, and Iron. Spinach eating helps to prevent anemia and enhances vision.
  6. Drinking eight glasses of water every day as suggested. To aid your body’s effective elimination of waste and toxins, drink one (1) glass at periodic times throughout the day. These will help you maintain your total health.

2. Maintain a healthy physical condition for your total health.

Total health for Wellness 6 Super Tips

Paying attention to workouts that develop your core muscles is crucial to achieving physical health.

All the muscles in your chest, abdomen, upper back, lower back, and sides make up your core muscles. A strong core provides various advantages, including a strong back, a flat stomach,  good posture, less spine strain, effective power transfer to your arms and legs to lift, move, or carry things around, increased mental alertness, more flexibility, a healthy heart and gives you total health.

3. Develop a sense of contentment

Total health for Wellness 6 Super Tips

There are favorable moments and low points, seasons of plenty, and seasons of scarcity in the natural ebb and flow of life and living. Happiness does not come from having a lot of stuff or having a lot of different kinds of stuff. As a result, we occasionally witness billionaires who are drug addicts or alcoholics.

There’s also the “Law of Diminishing Returns” to consider. This essentially states that the more of something we have up to a certain point, the less probable it is that adding more of that thing will enhance our happiness quota.

I’m on a high, somersaults can’t explain my joy, and I could hug everyone I met if I received one Ferrari. That’s fine if I get two more Ferraris. I mean, I won’t feel as euphoric as I did the first time, and how many cars can I drive at once?

Contentment is the ability to be pleased in both the plentiful and scant seasons of our lives, regardless of our circumstances.

To positively contribute to our total health, happiness, and well-being, we must cultivate this spirit of contentment. This isn’t to imply that we shouldn’t aspire for more.

4. At least once a week, take a 30-minute “time-out.”

Total health for Wellness 6 Super Tips

This may seem easier said than done, especially if you have children or are responsible for aging parents or relatives. So let’s take a look at it from a different perspective. If you became gravely ill or died, God forbid, your children and relatives would be cared for in some way.

Yes, they wouldn’t be as good as you, but they’d get by.

To guarantee that you are around long enough to get the best continuous care, the best thing you can do is TAKE A BREAK!!!

Take a walk along the beach or in the park while listening to nature or music on your iPod; relax in your bed while listening to music, curl up in your favorite recliner with a cup of tea or chocolate and read a nice book, sit on a park bench and watch people pass by… or do whatever relaxes you to achieve your total health.

This will clear your mind and give you the energy to get back on your feet.

5. Take mental health very seriously for your total health.

Total health for Wellness 6 Super Tips

Stress and depression are two of the world’s leading robbers of mental and emotional health.

They are not only widespread over the world, but they also lead to more serious mental illnesses such as dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, suicide, and insanity.

Indeed, more than 450 million individuals worldwide are estimated to suffer from mental diseases, according to the World Health Organization, and the yearly global costs of mental and neurological ailments are estimated to be $2.5 trillion, according to a new analysis by the World Economic Forum.

Global mental health issues grossly ignored and is three times the economic impact of heart disease

As a result, stress and sadness must be addressed and treated as soon as possible in order to prevent more significant health issues. Depression is a normal phase that we all go through at some point in our lives, primarily as a result of the death of a loved one, job loss, money-financial problems, or work challenges.

However, the key to preventing stress and sadness from spiraling out of control is to engage in activities that divert your attention away from the situation that is producing the stress or despair and toward a more positive mental space, despite the problem at hand.

By adopting some of these basic practices into your everyday routine, you can improve and maintain the total health of your brain.

6. Spend 30 minutes each day in prayer, reflection, and thankfulness with God.

Total health for Wellness 6 Super Tips

You are given 1440 minutes per day to live your life. Thirty minutes is less than 2% of your entire day.

God, the giver of life, deserves of a portion of your time.

Daily devotionals, spiritual and/or religious books, such as the Holy Bible or other sacred texts, can be used to read and reflect. This will develop your religious knowledge, build your spirit, improve your personal relationship with God, improve your relationship with your fellow humans, assist you in daily life, and bring you inner peace and your total health.

And always, you must pay attention to your skin if you’re looking to achieve your total health.

Total health for Wellness 6 Super Tips

The following are the four main roles of your skin:

  1. Protection against the elements.
  2. A nerve-ending-based sensor that causes you to react to pain, heat, cold, touch, pressure, vibration, and tissue injury properly.
  3. A heat regulator that either increases or decreases blood flow to the skin’s surface.
  4. Sweating or perspiring is your main waste eliminator (surface-wise).

Furthermore, as you get older, your skin becomes drier, less elastic, and more wrinkled. However, by keeping your skin constantly moist and hydrated using the following basic skincare routine, you may dramatically slow down this aging process and aid your skin in its elimination process.

Routine for Skin Care for your total health.

  • 8 glasses of water per day are recommended.
  • Cucumbers are high in sulfur, which is an essential trace element for healthy skin.
  • Consume yellow and orange fruits, which are high in Vitamin A.
  • Take a vitamin E supplement if you haven’t already.
  • To keep moisture sealed in your skin, use water-based moisturizing lotions or olive oil to your skin soon after showering.

Simple Treatment for Mental Illness for total health

Music is being played.

Total health for Wellness 6 Super Tips

Music soothes the mind and spirit, helps the body relax, relieves mental and emotional stress and tension, stimulates the senses, and energizes the body, despite its seeming simplicity.


Total health for Wellness 6 Super Tips

Many excellent online writing communities, such as Squidoo and EzineArticles, accept articles on almost any topic you might be interested in. You’ll be using your brain once more because writing an outstanding post causes some study to augment your understanding of the subject.

Games, puzzles, and quizzes

Total health for Wellness 6 Super Tips

Playing board games, solving puzzles, and taking quizzes all give your brain mental exercise, focus, enhancing memory, and problem-solving skills while also preventing cognitive decline.

Sports and Hobbies help to achieve total health

Participate in group activities, social clubs, and sports that you enjoy (yoga, soccer, tennis, horse riding, football, cricket, karate, sewing, tai chi, swimming, singing, dancing, basketball, volleyball, etc.). Anything that comes naturally to you and makes you happy while you’re doing it. Check out the World’s Largest List of Hobbies if you can’t seem to discover a sport or pastime that interests you. You’ll almost certainly find something that suits you and that you’ll appreciate. Wish you the best of luck achieving your total health.

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