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How to train your brain 2 stop worrying

How to train your brain to stop worrying..learn how

Anxiety is an unnecessary evil for our mental health.

Some consider it a bad habit that can go away with practice. Some people think that anxiety can serve a purpose for our brain, helping us to learn from experiences and prepare for the next. Either good or bad anxiety occupies our minds, as we focus on uncertain future scenarios that we cannot control.

It is said that depression focuses on past events that we would like to change and anxiety on future events that we can not control.

It can also be said about anxiety that we do not control the future only when we can not prepare for what worries us.

See below for effective ways to help your brain not to worry.

1. Stop worrying by writing down what concerns you.

If you spend the night worrying about something, write it down on a piece of paper. This allows your brain to relax and you no longer have to remember all these details.
Also, this way you show your brain that this is quite important after you write it.

This way, your brain will be alerted to find the resources to solve this problem, instead of sitting around worrying about it.

Research has shown that those who worry a lot are those who try to avoid problems. Scientists from the journal Anxiety, Stress & Coping gave those who were concerned the opportunity to write 3 possible versions of the outcome of a situation and then analyzed their answers for practical solutions. They concluded that the more the participants were concerned about an issue, the less clear their answer was.

2. Meditate to rid your brain of worries.

Meditation can help your brain stop worrying. Researchers in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine have studied the effects of meditation and found that meditation is especially good for reducing cognitive stress or anxiety.
Although some people think they do not have time to meditate, meditation is as simple as closing your eyes now for 30 seconds or more.
A few quiet moments around you can help you focus on what is important to you now and in the future.
Those who have become experts at stopping anxiety thoughts from their minds suggest you observe the anxieties entering your mind and then watch them go away, like clouds when the sun rises.

3. Train your body and mind to stop worrying.

Anxiety is the way your mind learns to survive by activating the battle or escape system.
If your mind is experiencing fewer physical symptoms of anxiety, the mind will interpret that there are fewer things to worry about because the body is not in a state of increased alertness.

Also, if you can identify what is causing you anxiety and worry, go for a 5-10 minute walk.


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