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Debug our minds with these 9 super tips

Debug our minds with these 9 super tips to and Improve Our Mental Abilities

1. Get to know your mind and how it works.

Not knowing our mind is like not knowing our computer operating system! This means that we can not find the right software and, consequently, we will not be able to do our job properly! Mental knowledge allows us to see what our values ​​and principles are.

For example, would we ever steal something from the supermarket? What is our relationship with honesty? How real are we in our relationships? How do we feel about the feelings of others? What about our work? These are the values ​​and principles that govern our lives. If we see them closely we will be able to process them and strengthen them!

2. Fight for your beliefs – Learn our software and debug our minds.

Are some of our beliefs outdated? Beliefs about ourselves and the world around us are updated daily, however we can define them and speed up the dating process, enriching our lives with interest and experiences. Beliefs are like computer software, we know it exists, but we must learn how to make the most of it. For example, Photoshop is not just about cropping photos, but it has many features that take time to learn. Let’s say someone believes in their writing talent, but has never really worked to get a book published. There are also beliefs that do us no good and take us back in our relationships with others, so we should modify them, or leave them behind.

3. Memories to Forget – Deleting Old Files

Some memories may be unbearable for us! Of course, as much as we want to delete them, it is easy to say, but difficult in practice. Some people do a lifetime of psychotherapy trying to understand their childhood, why?

Acknowledge that something bad has happened to you in the past and try to choose when to access this memory. It’s like having old files on your computer, which will never be useful to you, but you look at this folder and open its files every day! It’s time to select the delete key! If the memories are still fresh, you may need more time, if not… then it’s time to press DELETE.

4. Take time for yourself – Close your emails, Skype, and chat.

Our lives are full of worries and obligations, thousands of things to do for our children, our family, our co-workers, our work, and our friends. Sometimes you just have to “turn off” the world for a while and take the time to do something that satisfies you. Imagine that you turn on the computer and receive emails, tweets, requests for Google talk or Skype.

Close everything and take time for yourself! Take a day off, don’t tell anyone, send the kids to school and spend the day reading, going to the shops, to an art gallery, or enjoying time with yourself as you think. The time we rejoice in ourselves is the time that charges our batteries.

5. Get new habits – upgrade our software and debug our minds.

Even our habits can become obsolete – if we keep doing the same thing, we will always have the same results. Just as our computer needs software upgrades, so we need to upgrade our true capabilities. Habits must be renewed, that is, we must acquire new ones over time.

If we go to the gym a month before summer, or when we have gained enough weight, then it is time to choose a semi-annual, or even better annual, subscription to the nearest gym!

6. Keep Your Mind Active – Learn New Software

It’s very easy for our minds to get bored when they do the same things every day. If we are constantly learning new things about the world and the people around us, the world and life will no longer seem boring to us. Our mind must remain alert, active, and constantly receiving new information to stay alive and refreshed!

7. I leave relationships behind – Delete user rights

It may sound harsh, but there are people who no longer belong in our lives! We may still be in a relationship for some reason, but contact with them offers us nothing, on the contrary, it hurts us.

Whatever happens, if there are people in your life who pull you down, are toxic and fill you with misery, it’s time to say goodbye to them. Change user permissions on the computer and lock them. They will move on and move on, this is life! Know that in the end you will all feel better.

8. Recharging – Putting your computer in sleep mode

We live in an age of information overload, so as we learn to adapt our lives to this state and evolve, it is essential to recharge our minds. One of the best ways is some form of meditation – 20 – 40 minutes a day do wonders giving energy, improving our productivity and creativity. 40 minutes of meditation free up at least 1 hour of valuable time during the day, recharge the mind and make us think more clearly, more productively, full of energy and strength.

9. Developing Mental Skills – What language does your computer use?

Computer software is just as good as the language in which it is written. If the language of the software is old, the computer may not evolve. Developers provide and create languages ​​that evolve and adapt to new data. So our mental skills are vital to communicate with each other and to transfer our thoughts to others. We may not have learned ways to developmental skills, but we have developed mindset strategies.

It is important to see the ability to think as a skill in order to be able to develop it. Using cognitive enhancement programs is a way of developing mental skills – such as reading articles related to this process. A further activity is the reading of philosophical issues, a very important exercise to developmental skills, which may lead us to paths of our mind, which we did not even know existed…


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