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How to win your girlfriend back 6 super tricks

How to win your girlfriend back? In this article, you will find out 6 super tricks of how to win your girlfriend back and control your new relationship using reverse psychology.

Why would you give up your lady without a fight? I don’t think so.

You may try using reverse psychology to win your ex-affections girlfriend’s back

As the name implies, reverse psychology is a technique in which you say or do the opposite of what you truly believe or mean in order to persuade your girlfriend into doing what you want her to do–while simultaneously allowing her to believe that she is doing something she wants, rather than what you want her to do.

Reverse psychology is a tough technique of psychological manipulation to master.

Reverse psychology has the potential to bring your ex-girlfriend back into your life if done correctly.

1. How to win your girlfriend back and your relationship by agreeing with her

How to win your girlfriend back 6 super tricks

The moment your girlfriend confides in you that she has been thinking that you two should take some time apart, to get away from one other, is this moment.

You may claim that you were “… merely thinking the same thing” no matter how much it bothers you. Declare that you need space and that it may be preferable for you and your partner to split. She will feel as though she has lost something if you agree with her in this manner.

Due to the fact that you’re simply nodding and smiling and agreeing with her, she loses all of her power in this circumstance.

2. How to win your her back by being difficult to get

How win back a girlfriend and control relationship 6 Tricks

Another kind of reverse psychology is the practice of being difficult to obtain.

Make yourself inaccessible.

Act as if you don’t care — as if you aren’t interested in her company. When it comes to romantic relationships, pretending not to care is arguably the most typical kind of reverse psychology.

People will constantly want what they are unable to have. If she starts to believe that she wouldn’t be able to have you even if she really wanted you, she may become even more enamored with you.

3. How to win her back by compelling her to defend you

How win back a girlfriend and control relationship 6 Tricks

You may enlist the help of someone you trust and who knows her well enough to spread negative and incorrect information about you, causing her to feel forced to protect you.

It’s possible that she’ll think to herself, “You know, he wasn’t that bad.”

It’ll start her thinking about the positive aspects of your argument.

4. How to win your relationship back by refusing to make a commitment

How to win your girlfriend back 6 super tricks

If she has shown evidence of being commitment-phobic, the reverse psychology strategy would be to avoid ever bringing up the subject of commitment in front of her again.

Bringing up the subject of commitment will just frighten her away. If you’re talking about moving in together, your future, getting married, and having children, you’re going too quickly for her.

She needs time to adjust.

If you were the one who frightened her away in the first place, you’ll want to be certain that you don’t do it again. Allow her to believe that you are traveling at the same rate as she is.

With time, and as she gets to know you more, you may delegate the responsibility of thinking about and discussing commitment to her.

5. How to win your love back by falling in love with her new boyfriend

How win back a girlfriend and control relationship 6 Tricks

If she has a new boyfriend, reverse psychology would dictate that you say complimentary things about her new partner to win her over.

You must persuade her that you are glad for her, no matter how much you are suffering on the inside. This will give the impression that you are a stronger person–and you may even be stronger than you actually are.

Your intention is to give her the impression that you only want what is best for her–which, if you’re in love with her, you certainly do.

6. How to win your girlfriend back and your relationship by being unavailable

How win back a girlfriend and control relationship 6 Tricks

If she needs your assistance for anything, make yourself unavailable the first time. For example, if she calls you because she wants you to return something she has borrowed from you, don’t answer the phone immediately away.

In fact, keep yourself occupied. Find something else to accomplish that is more essential than thinking about her. a little something for yourself

This will have the effect of making you seem more appealing to her since she will be able to view you as a full person without her presence.

You want to identify yourself as whole in the absence of her, in order for her to recognize the true you.

If you have to, look for someone to emulate. Make an effort to become more like that person. He doesn’t have to be a genuine, live man in order to be effective.

He might be a fictitious figure from a book, movie, or television show–someone you like and admire even more, and who always manages to win over the ladies.

Despite the fact that you want to seem to be “unavailable,” you don’t want to move on to someone else at this point if you’re still interested in getting back together with her.

Moving on to another woman will just make things more difficult and may lead you to harm your new girlfriend when you get your old one back. No rationale exists for being dishonest or using other women in order to win back the girl you previously had. That would be horrible.

.. and these are 6 tricks of how to win back your girlfriend back and control your new relationship. Good luck!!

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