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Kidney cleansing diet for awesome mood guide 2022

Kidney cleansing diet and adrenal relief guide 2022 to gain wellness and mood. Detoxification of vital organs!

Usually, the first thought that comes to mind is to take care of the liver and colon – and maybe put the kidneys on schedule at some point. Cleansing the liver and colon may indeed be important, but detoxification and cleansing of the kidneys are just as important and should be done regularly for the better health of our body.

Kidney cleansing diet is especially important if there is a history of urinary tract infections, any form of fluid retention, or kidney stones.

The detoxification and cleansing of the kidneys presuppose the inclusion in our diet of herbs, fruits, and vegetables with special properties. Let’s see how we can, naturally, achieve safe and effective kidney cleansing.

Diet for detoxification and kidney cleansing.

Herbs and Kidney cleansing diet foods:


Kidney cleansing diet for awesome mood guide 2022


The three most effective herbs are nettle, burdock, and rhubarb.

  • Nettle.

Nettle has a high content of vitamin C and has been shown to help filter excess fluid through the kidneys. Although further research is needed, nettle has been used for centuries as medicine for the kidneys and as a healing herb. (1)

In any case, it is easy to start with the nettle. The recommended dose in a drink is up to three glasses of nettle drink a day.

  • Burdock roots.

Another drink that helps detoxify the kidneys is the burdock root drink. Diuretics stimulate the kidneys and help the body get rid of excess fluids, especially water and sodium.

Burdock root is a natural diuretic, so it helps the body eliminate excess fluids by increasing urine production.

Therefore, burdock root helps to remove useless and harmful substances from the blood and the body. (2)

In any case, if you have problems with fluid retention, consult your doctor about the burdock root test before resorting to prescription products.

  • Rehmannia.

Another suggested solution is to take Rehmannia supplement, a traditional Chinese medicine herb that has been shown to help detoxify the kidneys. (3)

Food for Kidney cleansing.

The kidneys contribute to the detoxification of the body and the release of toxins, while also balancing fluids in the body, which is very important for circulation and microbial balance.

Therefore, there are foods rich in nutrients, with high antioxidant activity and electrolytes, which help to detoxify the body and detoxification the kidneys. If you want to improve your kidney function, make sure you include foods high in electrolytes and antioxidants in your diet. By the way – kidney detoxification is an ideal solution for people suffering from kidney stone symptoms.

  • Fruits are rich in antioxidants.

In the case of fruit, the No. 1 fruit that detoxifies the kidneys are cranberries, followed by black cherries, and in third place are blackberries. These are considered “superfruits“, they are dark in color, with antioxidant activity, and rich in nutrients.

Cranberries are a great choice because they are proven to prevent and treat urinary tract infections, a disease that afflicts the kidneys.

According to a study, women who consumed 60 g. concentrated cranberry-lingonberry juice every day for six months reduced the risk of developing a urinary tract infection by 20%.

According to other studies, older people who consumed cranberries were much less likely to find bacteria and white blood cells in their urine, a sign of urinary tract infections. (4)

Kidney cleansing diet for awesome mood guide 2022

According to a third study, women who suffered from persistent urinary tract infections and consumed a portion of dried blueberries daily for two weeks had a much lower risk of developing the disease over six months.

In general, the results of this clinical study are indicative of the beneficial effect of cranberries in reducing the risk of urinary tract infection in women who are vulnerable to the disease. (5)

So, cranberries juice all day, or a blueberry breakfast smoothie, frozen or fresh, is a great way to start kidney cleansing. You can even buy blueberries from your local health food store and make kidney detoxification juice.

Ideally, for even more effective detoxification of the kidneys, you can combine celery juice with cranberry juice – they are considered by far the two best ingredients for detoxification of the kidneys and help prevent the risk of urinary tract infection.

At the same time, cranberries and black cherries contain resveratrol, a very special antioxidant that is great for gout and eliminating uric acid.

Resveratrol is an extremely important compound for kidney health, as it has been proven to delay the progression of polycystic kidney disease, the rescue of mitochondrial function of the kidneys after hemorrhagic shock, and acts as a promising treatment for chronic kidney disease. (6, 7, 8)

  • Beets.

Kidney cleansing diet for awesome mood guide 2022

The process of detoxification and cleansing of the kidneys presupposes the inclusion of certain foods in our diet, especially those that support the kidneys, adrenal glands and improve blood circulation. The best vegetable for this case is beets because they are high in NO2, nitric oxide (or nitric oxide), which is great for detoxification of the blood.

Nitric oxide is also vital for kidney function, and according to research published in the Indian Journal of Nephrology, reduced NO2 production worsens kidney conditions. (9) As beets are high in NO2, they are an ideal solution for detoxification of the kidneys.

  • Seaweed.

Kidney cleansing diet for awesome mood guide 2022

Algae is one of the most nutritious foods, so the addition of spirulina or chlorella, or even a green superfood powder – in a smoothie in the morning is a great idea.

Both of these algae by-products detoxify the body from heavy metals and cleanse the kidneys. (10, 11) In addition, brown seaweed has been shown to cleanse both the liver and kidneys. (12)

Algae such as spirulina and chlorella – considered seaweed salad recipes – are therefore excellent ways to cleanse the kidneys.

  • Lemon juice for Kidney cleansing.

Kidney cleansing diet for awesome mood guide 2022

Fresh lemon in a little water as soon as we wake up is a wonderful choice, which, among other things, cleanses and detoxifies the kidneys. Lemon water benefits the kidneys helping digestion and detoxification. Lemon juice is even recommended to prevent nephrolithiasis. (13)

  • Spinach.

Kidney cleansing diet for awesome mood guide 2022

Last but not least for the detoxification of the kidneys is our well-known and beloved spinach, which, among other things, gives energy to the body. Spinach is high in B vitamins and certain antioxidants that help cleanse the whole body, especially the kidneys.

Of course, as with beets, be careful not to eat spinach, as it can lead to nephrolithiasis. (14) However, inappropriate quantities, of both spinach and beetroot can help detoxify the body and kidneys.

Protocol for detoxification and kidney cleansing – detoxification.

So let’s see now, how we can organize the detoxification and the kidney’s detoxification based on the above data. What is suggested in a kidney cleansing diet program is first a three-day cleansing process, where the only food will be a vegetable juice, or a smoothie of celery, blueberries, and blueberries, followed by the addition of a small amount of collagen protein powder. You can consume this combination of vegetables and fruits 2-3 times in three days and then follow a kidney cleansing diet.

A one-day kidney cleansing diet schedule might include the following:

  • Breakfast: Smoothie with about half a cup of cherries, blueberries, and cranberries, along with some protein powder and coconut milk – or collagen protein powder and coconut milk – together with green powder like spirulina.
  • Lunch: Another smoothie or juice similar to breakfast.
  • Dinner: Large chicken breast salad – you can add a third smoothie or juice with dinner.


If you manage to follow this kidney cleansing diet protocol, you will feel your energy levels take off. This is not only good for the detoxification of the kidneys – but it is also an ideal way to improve the function of the adrenal glands that are under daily stress.

If you suffer from adrenal fatigue, the kidney detoxification protocol also helps relieve adrenal fatigue.

So make sure to include in your daily diet herbs such as nettle, burdock, and Rehmannia and follow a kidney cleansing diet, as indicated above, and you will feel better and improve your health.

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