Genius Freud's Subconscious Psychology Test 8 Answers
Dearest [get_param param=”text-333″], these are the answers and their interpretation of your subconscious
Genius Freud's Subconscious Psychology Test 8 Answers

1. Your attitude towards life, your emotions, your senses:  [get_param param=”checkbox-feel-01-cbmls”][get_param param=”feelings01″]

The sea represents how we see our lives and how we feel in general about it. Our automatic reactions are due to the fact that our responses already exist within us. As a result, it is critical that we choose our attitude toward the things and people in our lives.

When we make evaluative judgments about what is going on around us, we may be relying on subconscious memories from the past, which drives us to label those recollections as good, bad, right, or incorrect. 

To these recollections, we carry our prejudices.

We whine, doubt, criticize and insist on being right all at the same time. Arrogance,  fear, low self-esteem, greed, mistrust, selfishness,  and lack of commitment are all-natural reactions in this situation.

However, we can choose to build our attitudes on humility and inspiration, if we so desire. We have the option of being upbeat, cooperating, and letting go of attachments.

We can also choose to pursue our passions, believing and valuing our own and others’ abilities, while remaining dedicated to serving others.

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2. The way you feel in your own family: [get_param param=”checkbox-feel-02-cbmls”][get_param param=”feelings02″]

The forest represents the family environment and the ground how you feel about it.

Not everyone has a strong bond with their family.

People may even feel as if they despise their families in some situations. It’s no surprise that family connections can be difficult at times because they are generally based on shared experiences and proximity.

Because society places such a premium on forgiveness, disliking or being estranged from one’s family can sometimes lead to feelings of guilt and shame.

So, if you don’t love your family, what should you do?

The first step is to acknowledge it, and the first thing you must trust is your subconscious.

Then, in order to cope with these challenging emotions, you may need to concentrate on healing broken relationships or defining and enforcing boundaries with family members.

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3. Your attitude towards women:  [get_param param=”checkbox-feel-03-cbmls”][get_param param=”feelings03″]

The seagulls flying above your head represent the women in your life Women’s perspectives in society differ. Perceptions of women and gender expectations vary drastically from culture to culture.

In recent years, there has been a significant movement in worldwide attitudes toward women as society considers the role that women should play and the worth that women possess.

Age, gender,  political affiliation, color, and degree of education all play a role in how we perceive and feel about them, according to a recent study.

But how do you really feel about women?

The key element that determines how we treat women and how we feel about them is our subconscious, which has been shaped by the experiences we had gathered from our childhood.

If you know how you really feel about them, then you can rebuild your relationships with them by setting the right boundaries for a successful and long-term healthy relationship.

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4. Your attitude towards men:  [get_param param=”checkbox-feel-04-cbmls”][get_param param=”emotions04″]

The running horses represent the men in your life. Attitudinal having to do with men’s and women’s attitudes, personal ideas about manhood, and gender is one of the most important aspects of masculinity.

Another overlapping component is normative, which is concerned with masculinity’s ‘norms,’ or views about what (other) men do and what is expected of men.

Informal, often unwritten, standards that govern acceptable, appropriate, and required actions in a certain group or community, according to social norms.

On a societal level, conventional male norms are embedded in popular culture and media, affect workplace cultures and social relations, and inform public policies on parenting, employment, and other areas.

Masculinity is more than just a set of values and norms.

The actions or practices associated with being a man, interpersonal relations between men, between men and women and children and the structural and institutional of men’s life are all key components of masculinity.

You may restore your ties with them by setting the correct limits for a successful and long-term healthy relationship if you know how you truly feel about them, and only your subconscious can help you with that.

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5. Your basic strategy, life, and goal. The way to solve your problems:  [get_param param=”checkbox-feel-05-cbmls”][get_param param=”actions05″]

The desert represents your unwanted life, the oasis the lustful life you want and the goals of your life. The wall represents the obstacles you find to achieve your goals and have the life that makes you happy.

Life objectives are what we desire to do, and they are far more meaningful than merely surviving.

Unlike everyday routine or short-term goals, they influence our long-term behavior.

They don’t have a single psychological definition and aren’t technically a clinical concept, but they do assist us in determining what we want to experience in terms of our beliefs.

They can also take many different shapes because they are personal goals. However, they provide us with a sense of purpose and hold us accountable as we seek for pleasure and well-being in order to live our best lives.

Many of us have dreams, which is why it is important to have objectives in life.

We know what makes us happy and what we’d like to do, and we might have a hazy sense of how to go about doing it.

But for setting clear goals and finding the best ways to achieve them, need to understand what motivates your basic strategy plan for your goals and your life and the way to solve your problems. Only your subconscious can truly answer that.

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6. How selective are you in sex life? How you choose your partner in sex / love:  [get_param param=”checkbox-feel-06-cbmls”][get_param param=”actions06″]

The jug full of water represents the potential sex partner, and the desert represents your lonely life. Many people have offered their opinions, subcultures and sub-subcultures have formed, each establishing its own ethics.

Despite their lack of agreement on many social issues, these subcultures are creating new institutions to replace those that have perished in the older society.

Many people argue about which relationship models to follow.

This position is ripe for misinterpretation and, on rare occasions, exploitation. However, there are opportunities for amazing interactions based on novel models. A clear understanding and honesty about which models are being used is required between potential partners.

If you’re thinking about romance, love, or sex, there are basic rules to follow, and the first one is to know thyself.

Your subconscious is the key to know thyself and to give you the right advice you need to choose your partner in sex or love.

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7. Your readiness for marriage: [get_param param=”checkbox-feel-07-cbmls”][get_param param=”actions07″]

The forest at night represents your life without a family, and the lighted house the marriage. Finding the ideal person is only one of the equations for a happy marriage. Most of the time, it means being the right person at the right time to make things happen.
If you believe that simply finding Mr. or Ms. Right will make your marriage perfect, you are mistaken.
Marriage is a lifelong commitment that requires maturity, compassion, understanding, devotion, and eternal love from both partners. In summary, there are a number of issues that must be addressed. This is where you and your partner should assess your level of marriage readiness. You must be totally certain that you are prepared for this life-long adventure in order for a marriage to work.
Preparing for marriage is critical for a happy and healthy relationship.
Above all, it entails understanding yourself, your strengths, limitations, interests, values, and goals. This information leads to the question:
are you truly ready for marriage and to freely and joyfully commit yourself to your beloved?
Only your subconscious mind can reveal to you how you really feel about marriage and whether you really want to get married at this time. Learn how

8. The attitude towards death: [get_param param=”checkbox-feel-08-cbmls”][get_param param=”actions08″]

The fog represents the perception of death, the unknown. Many people’s perspectives are such that death is an unavoidable part of life, and they are neither afraid nor welcoming of it. Rather, he or she accepts death as a natural part of existence. Others see death as a portal to bliss in the hereafter.
Both attitudes toward death have a favorable and negative association with psychological well-being and depression.
Others see death as a desirable means of escaping psychological and existential agony and suffering. Others may find that their dread of life, under some circumstances, is more potent than their fear of death. People are afraid of death for a variety of reasons. Self-deficiency, the fear of death’s unknowns, pain and suffering, and missed chances are all origins of fear. Another factor is Death Avoidance, which refers to the strategies people use to avoid talking about or thinking about death in order to reduce their fear of dying.
Denying death, on the other hand, causes psychological anguish and strain.
This may lower the individual’s quality of life, and he may not be able to completely enjoy the remaining days of his life. Only your subconscious can help you understand how you truly feel about death to have the proper attitude toward it. Learn how

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